Date: 2013-11-20 03:57 pm (UTC)
underthewillows: (Default)
Ah, I'm old enough now that I don't give a toss (apart from wanting to box that person's ears), but like I said - I had little to no idea why I was like I was (apart from the social explanation of 'there's something either psychologically or physiologically wrong with you, go to the doctor and get yourself sorted out'), until the past two years or so when asexuality is becoming more visible or more discussed.

So imagine someone in their teens, who is being pressured on all sides to get a boyfriend or girlfriend, told 'it doesn't matter if you're gay/lesbian, we'll still support you' and the problem is not that they're gay/lesbian and trying to stay in the closet, they're just not interested at all.

Imagine going onto a site like the FCKH8 one, because you're vaguely aware of the publicity about the campaign and surely they can tell you what's going on in a non-judgemental way.

Then imagine being told "You're only looking for attention, man up and have the balls to come out about being gay".

Yeah, that's helpful.
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