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There's been a fair bit of comment over the past week about more revelations of how exactly the Top People (it's top women as well as top men) in my green little island manage to scrape the few bob to keep body and soul together.

Like this fella.

God help the poor man, €110,000 (that's $135,470 U.S. dollars per annum, $142, 362 Canadian dollars and £83,571 sterling by current exchange rates) will hardly keep a roof over his head, so he has to take the money from the hospital sweetie shop as a top-up.

People of Ireland, we know where our duty lies: purchase more chocolate for the sick (but only from the hospital shops) so we can keep the management in shoes on their feet and clothes on their back!

Or this wan.

Now, she's pulling in more dosh on €236,000 than yer man in Crumlin (which presumably goes to show why he needs the extra from the Mars bars and Cadbury's flakes to put food on the table), but she is also getting perfectly legal earnings from her private practice - while in the public hospital.

Many's the health minister has come a cropper (including the Progressive Democrat Mary Harney, who went in declaring she would put the health service on a business basis) when taking on the consultants.

Given that our current health minister, Dr. James Reilly, (a)is widely regarded as a lame duck and for the chop in the next cabinet reshuffle (b) has pulled some strokes himself, e.g. he added five locations on his own initiative and with no consultation or explanation of the criteria used onto a list of 30 new primary care centres to be built under government private/public partnership; two of these were towns in his own constituency - fancy that!, there is very little likelihood that the 'outrage' and 'tough tactics' being spouted by our Taoiseach are going to have any effect whatsoever.

But remember: every packet of Rolos, every bag of Tayto's crisps, every bar of Dairy Milk that you selflessly eat yourself or give to a patient to consume means another hospital boss can continue to sleep in his or her own bed tonight!
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