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speed limit sign

Can you tell, from the above sign, what the speed limit on this road may be?

Congratulations, you're in the same boat as Irish drivers will be from next summer!

You see, the current Irish speed limits are "silly", because people on narrow, twisty, country roads (we call 'em boreens and they are generally one step up from a sheep track - main difference is if the grass isn't growing in the centre of the road) are booting it at 80 km per hour (at a minimum), which is technically legal, but dangerous:

irish speed limits

So in order to make our roads safer and help our drivers (especially young male drivers, the ones who most love putting the pedal to the metal, although they're not exclusively at fault here), our Minister for Transport (that's Leo Varadkar, in case anyone wants to know to whom they should send the bill for the funeral) has come up with this wizard wheeze.

Thousands of 80kmh speed signs across the country are to be replaced with a black and white alternative which does not contain a numeral.

The signs signify that motorists will be expected to use their own judgment in relation to speed without exceeding a limit of 80kmh.

Transport Minister Leo Varadkar said the decision is being taken because the 80kmh signs can send out the "wrong message".

So now, if you're on an Irish road and you're wondering "At what speed should I be travelling, and what is the legal limit, and what speeds are any oncoming drivers I encounter likely to be going?", why, it is all up to you, dear driver, to estimate a safe and sensible limit for yourself! And so will all the other drivers be doing! Though there's no guarantee that your estimation and their estimation will match!

Feck it, I knew the Blueshirts were a free enterprise/free market party, but I didn't think it extended to the national roads!

I must admit, I was amused by this suggestion:

* Motorists will be given the option of having an in-car speed warning from their satnav

Looks like we (or rather you, the drivers of Ireland, unlike myself) will be installing the JohnJoe!

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